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Trying to find wi-fi in Texas:

Tuesday, December 22, 2009
Well, we made it to the Lone-Star State! Apparently the Lone-Star State hasn't made it to the 21st Century...

Our Experiences with Wi-Fi (or the lack of it):

#1) The Rest Stop

Driving into Texas we were full of hope as we looked at bold billboards announcing WI-FI at the rest stations! Upon arrival we discovered *dundundun* it was out of commission.

Keturah: "Excuse me, the wi-fi here doesn't seem to be working."Information Specialist: "Yeah, we are having a guy come to fix it."
Keturah: "How long do you think that might be?" (maybe we could wait for it...)
Information Specialist: "It will take about a week."

Apparently things really do move slower in the south. We have never felt so much like northerners before. haha.

#2) McDonald's

Our old faithful for coffee and an hour of internet surfing for free...

Kendra: "Do you have free wireless here?"
Result: blank stare from a Mexican woman

#3) Whataburger

Keturah: "Do you have wireless here?"
Cashier: "What?!"
Keturah: "Wireless internet."
Cashier: "Who?!"
Keturah: "I don't know ma'am. Where is your bottom row of teeth?"

#4) The Donut Place

At this point, we realized that our GPS gave us phone numbers, so rather than drive to every store in town (like we did for an hour the last time we looked for a cafe), we began calling, an equally remarkable adventure...

Kendra: "Hello, do you have free wireless internet at your store?"
Other Person: "What?"
Kendra: "Wireless internet."
Other Person (apparently Asian) three repetitions later: "No, we no wi-fi. We make donut."

#5) Some Cafe

Kendra: "Do you have wireless internet at your cafe?"

Nice woman with strong accent, probably in her 30s: "Well, now, I'm nawt shore whut kind of internet we have. The owner's nawt here rawght now."

Kendra: "It would be the free kind that anyone can just hook their computer up to."

Nice woman with strong accent, probably in her 30s: "Well, now, there was sumone in here jus this mawrnin with a lab top."

Kendra: "What kind of place is this?"

Nice woman with strong accent, probably in her 30s: "Well, we're just a cafe." :)

Then we used our brains and realized libraries probably have internet access! We are actually sitting in our car outside a closed library now, sinisterly sneaking their internet after hours. And this is the perfect transition to our next post...

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