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Daytona Beach!

Friday, December 4, 2009
After Okeefenokee we hit the road, not entirely sure where we were going, but knowing we were heading South! Within twenty minutes we were driving into FLORIDA so we didn't really care too much where exactly we were going... it was 71 degrees and sunny! Finally! After a few phone calls we were on our way towards Daytona Beach for two nights in a Resort (!!) compliments of Wanda (how can we ever thank you?!) The drive was probably fairly long but it went by incredibly fast. The closer we got the more excited we got. Ocean! Beaches! A RESORT!! It's a good thing Caulherflower was driving because Dandylion was SO excited.. lots of singing, dancing, squealing ;) We did stop about an hour away for some DD iced coffee (Flower) and Baskin Robins ice-cream (Dandy). Let it be known that we've stopped trying to suppress our addictions: Coffee (Flower) and sugar (Dandy). Let's just say, life is better this way.

"Reservation for Kendra Chamberlain!" (she waited all day to say that)

The check-in process took a bit longer than was probably typical. Pretty sure the woman checking us in lived in her own personal party all the time.. haha! She was wonderfully amusing, not to mention absolutely beautiful (in case you were wondering?).

SoOoooO we spent two days living the high life on the beach!

2 comments to Daytona Beach!:

Steve said...

Hey! You should look Katie up! Enjoy every minute on your journey. Stay safe.

Danielle said...

Hope you have tons of fun, since we've gotten tons of snow - that has basically shut down the north country lately! ahhh! I miss you, K. So much! Thanks for the little glimpses into your journey!

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