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The 2008 Subaru Impreza (...don't worry Mom, all is well)

Tuesday, December 22, 2009
To pick up from where we left off at the library...
Let's set the scene. Kendra is floating somewhere in her need to run while Keturah is on a mission to plan how to see ALL of Texas in less than a week. Thus emerges:

Car Scenario #1 (as narrated by Kendra):
It all happened so fast, but so slowly. I JUST WANTED TO RUN! I got my clothes out of the car and walked inside, changed in the handicapped stall. When I went to leave the handicapped stall, I reached for the key in my sweatshirt pocket. *gasp* There was nothing! I padded myself down, but there was still nothing! So, I walked into the library in a zombie-like state, staring straight ahead. As I approached Keturah's cubicle, I said softly "Please tell me you have the other key." Her blank stare told me she did not. I crumpled to the floor in a heap for 14 hours....oops, that is a different story. I actually called Triple A on Keturah's phone as mine, too, was in the car. But the guy was really nice and it didn't cost us a thing! :)

Car Scenario #2 (as narrated by Keturah):
So we were driving along innocently at night when I saw flashing lights in the rearview mirror. I pulled to the side remarking to Kendra "Oh no! Someone is in trouble. We need to pull over." But lo and behold, he pulled up behind us! I was a nervous wreck - Texas has security for everything! They probably hate nosey New Yorkers. He kept shining his dumb flashlight in the car! Apparently I was going a little bit over the speed limit if you can call entering a 50mph zone at barely 70 mph in a strange land outrageous speed. Kendra handled everything very well and in the end he didn't give us a ticket. As we pulled away, it suddenly dawned on us that the only thing to save us from him searching our car for drugs was probably our smell ! Thanks for the air freshener Mrs. Chamberlain!

Car Scenario #3 (as narrated by us):
Immediately following Scenario #2, we began to hear a rattling noise in the front right section of the vehicle. It sounded like wind was getting in somewhere, but after checking all our windows and silencing our rattling water bottles and pots, we concluded that the engine was about to go. Being the expert mechanics that we are, we pulled off and popped the hood. After assessing the problems with arms crossed and tobacco chew in our jaw, Kendra checked the oil while I cleaned leaves out of the cracks by the windshield wipers. After realizing we'd done all we could for her, we figured the problem was solved. We drove away and the sound hasn't come back since. You know an engine problem when you hear one, that is all we have to say about that.

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