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New York --> Boston

Friday, November 13, 2009
We left around noon on November 9th and drove straight to Halifax, just south of Boston, arriving around 6:30 p.m., where we stayed with Kendra's uncle, David Chamberlain, until November 13th.

During the last four days...

~ Wine tasting with Expert David Chamberlain...cheddar cheese and oyster crackers never tasted so good!

~ Waking on Tuesday with a View...

~ Kayaking on Monponsett Lake in the morning hue...

~ We climbed Plymouth Rock in record time and spent the rest of the afternoon transferring all of our belongings into the 2007 Crossfire (stick shift, six speed, convertible and 3.2 liter long-stroke Mercedes V6 engine! We drove in 50 degree weather with the top down and the seats heated!). You can decide which event was more interesting...

~ Lobster/Martini Night...Mmmm!

~ Wednesday, we took a train into Boston for a nine hour personally guided walking tour of Boston. We walked the Freedom Trail...follow the yellow brick road! (oops...or the red line...). Stopped for a cafe fix at Equal Exchange Cafe (I miss you guys at the Z! The foam on my Spicy Hot Cocoa was wanting...). Walked across the Longfellow Bridge in freezing cold wind to Harvard. They let us in! or maybe we just made ourselves at home. ;) Walked three hours back to South Station between sparkling city lights, munching granola out of Ziploc baggies!

~ Thursday was Ducksbury Beach, where we saw real Atlantic surf! We ran like free little birdies barefoot, weaving in and out of the salty waves, until we realized it was thirty degrees with the wind chill. When the rocks stopped hurting our feet, we knew it was time to get some common sense and find our shoes.

~ Another illustrious evening of stimulating conversation, good wine and fine international cheeses...Keturah can cook! She made an apple pie from scratch (after only two phone calls home). But we didn't have enough flour, so we substituted a Maple Syrup and Pecan Pancake Mix that expired a few years ago. Just enough subtle flavor - it made the pie! Also had to use a wine bottle in stead of a rolling pin. And Kendra baked squash (also after a phone call home) in beautiful autumnal bowls. This trip is really all about the food.

~To conclude our last night with Uncle David, we participated in his home tradition. At the beach, we gathered heart rocks for his & Janet's collection and in exchange, we each got to pick one from the rest. Thanks for letting us take a little of you with us. Our stay with you was meaningful beyond words. We will think of you often on the rest of our trip! <3>

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