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Boston --> Princeton Junction, New Jersey

Monday, November 16, 2009
~ We left Halifax late morning and arrived in Princeton Junction at dark, in time for an Indian dinner with Jeff & Melissa Chamberlain, cousins of Kendra.

~ The next day, we walked to the train station, where we boarded "The Dinky" en route to Princeton. A "bubbly" tour guide, who was pretty excited about the campus cuisine, if you know what we mean, led us enthusiastically around a quarter of the university. The architecture was absolutely incredible, 18th Century Gothic with vines crawling up the sides. It was also homecoming weekend, so lots of old men came to the Princeton-Yale game (which, NO, we did not see...) dressed to a T in their tube socks and short white shorts. We didn't take a picture so that we wouldn't rob you of the image in your mind right now. We snacked at a fruity yogurt place that could have used some serious redecorating which we humbly took it upon ourselves to redesign. The pomegranate machine was broken. The mango machine was broken. Our hearts were broken. We carried on. (Did we mention already that this trip is all about the food??)

I'm sorry, but I couldn't help it - he had real nostrils! I am sure they haven't been picked in a long time either....

~ While walking around the town, we found a poster advertising a Diwali Service, the Hindu celebration of light's triumph over darkness. Check our individual posts for our personal takes on it.

~ Sunday was another day of walking! We hopped on a train into NYC, where the buildings and lights shocked us into reality, but soon we both felt pretty at home. The trick was probably some time in "nature" at Central Park, where we spent most of the day. A couple of goofy guys playing drums and cello around a busy fountain drew us in for a good amount of time. We also witnessed the aftermath of a man proposing to his lovely lady on a bridge in the park. The tears said it all. The last picture is St. John's Cathedral, one of the largest in the world. It was absolutely beautiful. We thought it would only be fitting to attend church in Times Square at the Times Square Church. You can see our separate posts on this as well...

~ Monday: Did you know it costs $500 to fix leaky transmission lines??? We do.

~ Jeff & Melissa took us out on Monday night to a beautiful restaurant, where they treated us to some more firsts...calamari, raw tuna, chocolate torte...delicious! Back at the house, their sons, Andrew and William entertained us with a fabulous puppet show, preceded by commercials - you can't even escape them in play these days! We definitely overstayed our welcome here, but we send a big thanks to the Chamberlains in Jersey!

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