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The Big Idea (Keturah)

Thursday, November 12, 2009
I am so honored by your interest in this road trip, journey, spirit quest, vacation or whatever other title you conceive of it as. But a word of caution, that as much as these travels will be geographically exploratory, I anticipate deeper dimensions emerging as people, cultural differences and ideas discover me. And perhaps the most controversial discovery, myself. I am seeking, in essence, an intense, interactive learning experience, to be bombarded with new information, data, input, to reveal preconceived notions, to shock blindly accepted systems of living and to develop a tendency further away from a finite world view. The caution is that you may likely be offended as I am turning my filter to low power. I want to explore new ideas, religions, lifestyles in order to blow out my current paradigm and then synthesize this new diverse information into a way of life more true to myself. We can be so hindered in our understanding of human nature and life by the physical boundaries of location, the limitations of language and the confinement of tradition. I find it necessary to sever from these things in order to reveal what is outside of such structure.

I believe you are following this journey because you, yourselves, are on the same quest, albeit in your own color. Although my natural tendency is to be reserved, my desire is to remain honest, for your sakes, that you might identify and commune with that quality inherent in all of us to seek freedom and truth. As you respond to my journey, I would be happy to receive your thoughts, comments and questions in order that we might share it together.

How this is going to work:
We will be on the road for at least three months, camping, staying with relatives and friends, staying in hostels, touristing, etc. Kendra and I will be posting our thoughts and ideas separately...so you can read who you think is better ;). On these posts, our names will be included in the title. However, if you care more to follow what we are actually doing, read the posts titled by location. I am sure you can figure it out!

And so we begin...

2 comments to The Big Idea (Keturah):

dogchasecatgrrrr said...

I miss my Geno already. Have fun. Be safe. Love You.

Wanda said...

hello my lovelies!
so good to hear from you..keturah, quite an intense vocabulary and articulated thoughts. i love it!! i'm confident the Lord will fill every desire of your heart as you seek.
i am excited to tell you that brooklyn grace siedlecki arrived on tuesday, she's absolutely gorgeous and all's well with them. i will be in phoenix dec 5 thru christmas, just in case you're traveling through that area. thank you for including us on your journey! love you both,

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