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What day is today?.....?.....?

Monday, January 4, 2010
So, we here are. Twelve hours ago, we entered Panera Bread. What's up?

We are hear to right about The Essential Element. Welcome. We haven't showered in a week. We slept for eleven hours last night in our car. Our foreheads feel feverish. We gained five pounds each (thanks Bed, Bath and Beyond for the scale) and the ongoing conversation antagonizes us with WHY? HOW? GOD? What the heck are we eating??? Could it be our never-ending gaseous stomachs? Could it be all the peanut butter, granola and bananas? Maybe the 33 cent avacado? Or does that fact that ten leg lifts make our abs sore for three days clue us in? Regardkess we have decided that today marks the day: The Crazies are on the Loose. PARENTS: KEEP YOUR CHILDREN INSIDE!!! And if you happen to see two girls on the news, dancing down the middle of the intersate or jumping hedges across parking lots to get to ROSS: Dress for Less, do not be alarmed. It is only us. Just keep the windows rolled up and your dumpsters locked.

Oh yes, so, The Eseential Element: that which is required to initiate us into the clan of true Road Trippers: it is: SMELL, GREASE, ITCH.....the motto is: Smell like you've never lived and live like you've never smelled. It has almost killed us, but we wills urvive with the best of them!

THat makes no sense.

Sorry about the spellihng and this post in general. It has been a day.

It's been a day.

Signing off,
Danydlion, and Caulgerhflower

P.S. - Panera Bread offers free samples of anything if you can't decide. Finally, a victory for teh bad decision makers out there! Oh, and the lemons are free. And so is the skim milk if you can sneak it into your mug from home when no one is looking. ........yeah.

P.P.S>: In case you were judging from your comfy couches and clean underwear, we deserve this breakdown. It's been tow months! Congrats us!
Ok, for real now.....we gotta go. We gotta somethin....

2 comments to What day is today?.....?.....?:

Laura said...

i have to say, while reading this post i couldnt stop laughing!! i think the funniest part is that i can totally see you (kendra) going a little crazy and jumping up and down(maybe doing a little praying mantis move)! i think you are in your glory right now!! enjoy it while it lasts!

Anonymous said...

I simply think you are having a mental break down, both of you. OR Keturah just had a little too much sugar. Either would explain this incomprehensible post. But still, it's amusing.

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