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we made It To CALIFO R N I A ! ! !

Wednesday, January 6, 2010
We are here! "....purple mountains majesty....from sea to shining sea!" It was a seriously amazing drive into California, through mountains mountains mountains with the Pacific Ocean challenging the height of the horizon in the distance. Our Super-Awesome-All-The-Way-To-California-Car made it! "America! America! God shed His grace on thee..."

Our first stop was the San Diego Zoo....of course :). Not really much to say about this, hmn...so here are some pictures:

After San Diego, we drove to Los Angeles. Our first night in LA, we looked for a nice safe community and parked at its playground. We proceeded to corrupt it as we walked up the hills smoking rather effective cigars and drinking whiskey of equal caliber out of Keturah's hip flask. Oh yeah. We enjoyed an incredible view of the city. A local walked by and pointed out Hollywood, Lincoln Heights, LAX, the Pacific Ocean, Orange County, etc...he said that night was the best view he had ever had of the city. How lucky are we? The explosive orange suset confirmed that.

Of course, being the responsible girls we are, we don't have any picture of that..... However, here are some pictures of a different sunset in CA...

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